Another B25 Special

Brian Chapelhow will be bringing this special to Beezumph.  In his own words:

After owning a 1970 Olympic Flame/Silver T150T  & loving it,  I bought a new ’73 disc braked Trident & after being inspired by the 1971 Match Races I just had to have a Rob North for the road, Unfortunately I was unable to afford a North frame kit, so I decided to homebuild my own look-a-like over the winter of ’73/74.  I started by modifying a featherbed frame and fabricated the tanks, seat, exhaust, etc, but with alloy forks, single front disc & drum rear brakes. I then stupidly sold the bike in ’74 & immediately regretted it, but it was too late.

However, out of the blue I managed to re-acquire the bike after 37 years!!  It had been messed about a bit with intervening owners, but the last one had stood the bike,  unused in his conservatory for the last 30 years!!

Over the 2011/12 winter I rebuilt the bike again to a higher spec to more resemble the works racers (works type steel forks, triple discs, electronic ignition etc) I also removed & replaced all traces of the featherbed frame with the exception of the steering head tube. I also fitted an electric starter.

Not remotely thinking I would be thrashing the bike around a race track, I rebuilt & kept the  engine in std 750cc road trim. It is used on the road with a daylight MOT. I use it at Beezumph’s, occasional Classic Trackdays & Parades. It has twice done the Classic TT VMCC Parade lap plus Jurby trackdays.

The first picture is the standard bike as bought in’73.

The second is the only photo I have of the bike as first built in early ’74

Third picture is the bike as bought back in 2011.

If you want to see how it looks now, you’ll have to come to Beezumph!  To buy your ticket, go to

trident 3A




trident 2.A







trident homecoming 1 7 july 2011