Beezumph 30 Hurricane T-Shirt PRICE REDUCED TO CLEAR STOCK


Beezumph 30 Hurricane T-Shirt, white shirts printed four colour process to chest.

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Beezumph 30 celebrated 50 years since the launch of the X75 Hurricane.

Order your limited edition Premium quality T-Shirt which shows the un-mistakeable Triumph Hurricane on the front here. PRICE REDUCTION TO CLEAR STOCK REMAINING.FROM 17/5/2024

**  Offer available while stocks last  ** 

Weight .254 kg
Dimensions 34 × 25 × .30 cm

Mens Medium (M), Mens Large (L), Mens Extra Large (XL), Mens Extra Extra Large (XXL), Mens Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL), Ladies Medium (M), Ladies Large (L), Ladies Extra Large (XL)