Local Initiative Fund

The club is very reliant on members volunteering to run events on behalf of the club.  Our full events calendar demonstrates how much enthusiastic support the club receives.

The Local Initiative Fund has been set up to encourage more local events and initiatives, with funding provided from central club funds.  This way we hope to further the primary aim of the TR3OC, namely encouraging more ownership and use of Triumph/BSA push rod triples.  Applications for funding are made by initially completing a simple request form.  The funds should be used to enhance events such as rallies, shows and one day events run by TR3OC members for TR3OC members.  Please complete the simple application below or download a hard copy version here. It will be sent to the TR3OC Events Secretary who will then contact you for further information.

Please gain Committee approval before any financial commitments for the event are made.

Please give your project a name (no more than 20 words) and describe your project and explain how it helps and supports a TR3OC event or associated event and how it will promote the riding of BSA / Triumph air cooled triples.
Please enter an approximate cost of the main elements of your project