Upcoming Events

9:00 am CAROL NASH CLASSIC BIKE GUIDE WI... @ Newark Showground
Jan 11 @ 9:00 am – Jan 12 @ 5:00 pm
Held in the grounds of the Newark Showground. A large covered display of classic and vintage bikes, including club stands. Also, a variety of vendors and an outdoor auto jumble with bargains to help you[...]
9:00 am CAROL NASH BRISTOL CLASSIC BIKE ... @ The Royal Bath & West Showground
CAROL NASH BRISTOL CLASSIC BIKE ... @ The Royal Bath & West Showground
Feb 1 @ 9:00 am – Feb 2 @ 4:00 pm
NOTE – Date change due to inclement weather What’s on Classic Bike Shows’ annual trip to the West Country is well known for the extravagant exhibitions put on by the local motorcycle clubs who go[...]
9:00 am Cogenhoe Swap Meet 2020 @ Cogenhoe Village Hall
Cogenhoe Swap Meet 2020 @ Cogenhoe Village Hall
Feb 23 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Cogenhoe Swap Meet 2020 @ Cogenhoe Village Hall
MEMBERS ONLY FREE EVENT This is a member’s only auto jumble where you can bring and buy Triple parts and sometimes complete bikes. Those hidden gems and hard to find parts can sometimes be found[...]



richie davies

Christmas Present Idea!!!

We have received this from Clive of Clive Scarfe Systems:

Here is a great Christmas present idea that you can ask your loved ones for, available in the UK from Clive Scarfe Systems.

This DVD made by those friends of ours at Classic Triumph Australia is a comprehensive guide to the rebuilding of a Trident/R3 engine and its peripheral’s. A must have for the amateur and seasoned owner alike, forget the socks and underpants and get your loved ones to purchase this, you won’t regret it.
Have a great Christmas. Clive.

Full Details Here: clivescarfesystems.co.uk

Wanted Urgently – Rob North Road Bike For A Classic Bike Magazine Article

Classic Bike urgently need your Rob North road bike for an article.

Click here for full details:

Newark Show Advance Tickets – Save £2

Advance ticket sales are now open, follow the link below to the Newsletter for details and full show information.

Don’t forget we will have a club stand there, come along and say hello!

****Newsletter here****

Percy Tait R.I.P.

We have just learned that Percy Tait has passed away. A great racer and in Alex George’s words ” Proper Legend and Great Guy. Feared by many…LOVED by ALL. ” He will be sadly missed.

Percy at Ballaugh Bridge, Isle of Man

2020 Events Added

Our events list is looking good for next year, if you are organising any events or think of an event of interest which we can include, please e-mail Martin events@tr3oc.com

View our list of Events Here: :https://www.tr3oc.com/events/

Welcome to our Southern Hemisphere coordinator and Parts Liaison for TR3OC

Welcome to Paul Wilcocks our new spares rep who lives in Australia. Here is an introduction in his own words:

“I moved to Australia in 1996 from New Zealand and now reside in Melbourne. Victoria.

I purchased my first triple in 1982 which was a 1973 T150V and kept this until 1987. I was a NZ Merchant Seaman so I had plenty of time off to ride a circuit from Picton. NZ. to Nelson then down the West Coast of the South Island to Greymouth and Hokitika and back over the alps to Christchurch then home to Picton again. This trip would take about 2 weeks as I would stay with friends along the way. Lots of fun in those days.

In 2011 I deceided to build a Triton so I found a T160 engine in the US and started collecting parts from there. I am not too far off finishing this bike now but since I retired things have slowed with not so much dosh coming in. We still press on even if things have slowed a little. On the bright side I had a win on ‘Melbourne Cup’ day so will be ordering a new set of Amal Mk2s this week!

I own a Triumph America which I use as my ‘get about’ bike.

I have met Doug Gorrie before at a “Come and Try” day at the “Broadford Racing Circuit” and had the next bay in the shed to him. 

I got his Ph. No. from TE and gave him a call before his trip to Europe earlier this year as he had stated not enough triples racing down here. We had a good chat and I will recontact him soon.

I will have a chat with parts sellers here to see if they are interested in advertising in TE.

If you’re a member and downunder please contact me for any requests or part needs etc. Cheers . Paul Wilcocks”

You can e-mail Paul on southernspares@tr3oc.com

The TR3OC P1 Prototype moves to a new home.

          Due to the London Motorcycle Museum closing down we had to find a new home for our Triumph P1 Prototype motorcycle, after the committee exploring many avenue’s of where it should or should not be, we decided to approach the Triumph Hinckley Factory, as at their number 2 factory there is a display of many machines, past & present. Dave Bloor made contact with them to offer the machine & after they had considered our offer, they contacted us to say that they would welcome having it as part of their display at the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience.   

          I collected the P1 from the LMM which was quite a sad experience as they had been the custodians of it since the club got it & I know how proud Bill Crosby was to have it there, but onwards we must go. I gave it a check over & prepared it for delivery to Hinckley & when completed we arranged through Roy Shilling, who had been our contact with Triumph, when we could make the delivery. We set a date for 8th November 2019; Graham Jeffery helped me reload the P1 & secure it in my van to start the journey to Hinckley where we were met by Dave Bloor & Dougy Beardsall as well as Roy Shilling. The bike was unloaded from the van & into the building where Roy will organise its display & create a new information board. The P1 will still occasionally be seen at other locations as Triumph have agreed to us displaying it on club stands at shows etc. should we wish to do so.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the TR3OC to thank all those who made it possible for the P1 to move to this new & most welcome location.

Graham Redrup (TR3OC Secretary)

Stan Shenton R.I.P.

RIP Stan Shenton

It is with great sadness the Club reports the passing of Stan Shenton.
As the proprietor of Boyers of Bromley his racing Tridents,handled by David Nixon and Peter Butler, always gave a good account of themselves, including against the works Triples. Stan’s books are owned by many members and his Trident development gave owners access to the modifications and improvements in performance they craved. The use of Seeley frames worked well on UK short circuits. RIP Stan.

AGM 2019 Full Minutes

Minutes of 2019 TR3OC AGM

Minutes taken by Graham Redrup.

AGM held on Saturday 2nd November 2019 at National Motorcycle Museum, Bickenhill.

Committee members present were; Dave Bloor, Graham Redrup, Dougy Beardsall, Clive Blake, Bob Skinner, & Les Davies.

Apologies for absence were received from; Graham Jeffery, Chris Chapman, Pete Churchill, Mike Klose.

The meeting opened at 12.00hrs. by Graham Redrup (Secretary)

The minutes of the 2018 AGM were proposed & accepted by vote.


Dave Bloor, Chairman.  Dave stated that it had been a good year for the club but also stated the sadness of losing 3 of our notable people, Les Williams, Harry Woolridge & Gene Romero. He touched on the success of Beezumph 28 & thanked Dougy for stepping in at short notice to save the event, he also covered several of the other activities that the club had participated in over the year.

Graham Redrup, Secretary & Machine Registrar. Graham stated that normal secretarial duties had continued, Machine dating had continued to be busy with over £1,000 of income again this year, he stated that he is still getting many requests from members to verify machine details prior to purchase but warned that there had been several cases of incorrect stampings.  

Bob Skinner, Treasurer. Bob stated that the club finances were in good shape & a detail sheet would be in the next TE, Beezumph 28 made a small profit & there had been a reduction in expenses this year due to less being spent on website development as well as event support.

Dougy Beardsall, Membership. Dougy supplied all those present with a detailed sheet of the current membership levels & statistics that showed 1158 members, he aso supplied a pie chart showing how the membership is spread worldwide.

Les Davies, Editor. Les expressed thanks to all those who had helped him to settle into the Editor position & requested lots of material, however small, to be sent to him, he stated that this year had been difficult for him for personal reasons but things were better now. He continued with a brief summary of the 40 year riding program & revealed that 55,000 miles had already been recorded.

Clive Blake, Spares. Clive stated that all the information is published in TE & on the website whenever anything new is developed, he stated that he is leaving the committee this year but would continue to pass on the spares information.


Merchandise. It was stated that now the stock has been run down we will very shortly be starting the new system.  

Southern Hemisphere Liaison Officer. We had received an offer from an Australia club member, Paul Wilcocks, to help us in any way he could, the committee felt we should take advantage of this offer & came up with the idea of a central contact for the members within that area, after some discussion the members agreed to go ahead with the position. Paul will also cover the spares for that area.


Graham Redrup, Dougy Beardsall, Bob Skinner, & Les Davies were all prepared to re-stand in their current Committee positions, there being no other proposals for these positions, a block vote was taken & carried.

The following proposals were presented,

Chairman – Peter Nicholson

Events – Martin Rawson

PRO – Jerry Hutchinson

There being no other proposals a block vote was taken & carried.


P1. Due to the closing of the London Motorcycle Museum it has been necessary to find a new home for the P1 prototype machine, after negotiations we were happy to report that it is going to the Triumph Visitor Experience at Hinckley.

B 28. Dougy reported that although Beezumph 28 got off to a bad start due to a small area for camping it soon improved & actually worked quite well, the ride out was brilliant with a large number of participants, the talk by Neil Spalding was also excellent.

B 29. We have received some provisional dates from MSV for Cadwell Park & Snetterton but still await response from Anglesey circuit, the membership asked the committee to look at Mallory Park to determine suitability for a Beezumph Rally.   


The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. The committee had received a proposal from Neil Spalding to look into the feasibility of affiliating with this organisation due to the current situation & ever-changing regulations of the use of motor vehicles. After discussion it was decided to go ahead with this proposal & the club would absorb the costs involved.

BSA Rocket 3 sectioned engine. At the time of the AGM we did not have a home for the sectioned engine so the membership was asked if they had any ideas for a place to display the engine, they stated that the National Motorcycle Museum would be worth asking. We have now asked them & they were happy to agree to display it.

Facebook & Website. It was brought up that Facebook is regularly getting abusive comments & with the club current membership numbers compared to the Facebook page membership numbers that the majority of those on Facebook are not club members, it was always thought of to be a feeder for membership but this proves that is not happening. It is also felt that the club website is under utilised in some areas & lacks a gallery etc. It was felt that the website needs modernising to bring in these missing areas but at what cost? Enquiries to continue.


Founders Cup – Was presented to, Carol & Brian Chapelhow.

Slippery Sam Trophy – Was presented to, Carolyne & George Sinclair.

Transatlantic Trophy – Was presented to, Clive Blake.

Meeting closed at 14.55hrs.

Harry Woolridge

We are sad to announce that Harry Woolridge has recently passed away. After National Service in the Royal Air Force Harry Woolridge applied for a job in the Service Department at the Triumph Engineering Company, and was lucky enough to be selected. Thus began a working relationship with Triumph and its motorcycles that would last thirty years: an experience Harry says he would not have missed at any price. After a few years in the Service Department, Harry joined the team in the Experimental department until he was promoted to the position of Assistant Quality Control Manager. Later, in a reshuffle of titles, he became Inspection Foreman for Motorcycle Assembly and Production Development. With the formation of the Meriden Co-operative, Harry served as Warranty/Service Manager until the factory closed in 1983. RIP.