URGENT – National Rally at Newark Showground 30th & 31st Aug 2024

Dear members
We are rapidly approaching the date for the TR3OC National Rally at Newark Showground at the end of Aug and the ticket sales are not currently good enough to continuing with holding this event. After the quite substantial financial losses of Beezumph for the last 2 years the committee carried out a referendum to see what the membership preferred and a non-track rally was the clear winner. So, a lot of time and effort by members of the committee has been put in to organising this year’s rally at Newark, but the take-up for tickets has been very slow.
If you are thinking of attending the rally, please buy your tickets now, This is the TR3OC signature event for 2024, we are already starting to look at 2025’s event. Please be aware we cannot sell tickets on the day as the showground need to know the numbers attending in advance for reasons such as catering and First Aid provision.
If we can’t get the number of tickets sold to at least 100 within the next week, the committee will have to cancel the event to save incurring any more costs than already have been.
So to clarify, the committee want to hold this rally, but you the members need to buy the tickets now, without you this rally cannot be a success.
Nick Whitworth
Chairman TR3OC