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      Paul Taylor

      Hi All, I met up with a local guy at the The Star & Garter pub in Chelveston, Northant’s, I was in my Stag & he was on  a Hyde T160.

      He said they had a meeting there in the week, I forgot what days it was & I also failed to get a name!

      If the rider sees this, can he give me a ring on 07855 476678.

      Paul Taylor

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      Andy Salter

      Hi Paul,

      I thought it may be better answered on here, nice to meet you and your wife, good company.


      Sadly we see very few triples in this part of the world and was delighted to meet a fellow triple rider so close to home.


      No, sadly no triple meets around here, but it is a lovely local pub on a nice biking road that attracts many and varied riders and bikes of all ages, not quite the same this year but usually in the past around 2 o’clock onwards of a Saturday or Sunday very unlikely to be on your own.




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      Paul Taylor

      Thanks Andy, if you fancy a ride out 1 day, give us a shout!

      Paul 07855476678

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      Martin Rawson

      Paul if you ring Dominic Kramer on 07765671962 he will advise if there are any meets/rides planned in the Northants Area.

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      Paul Taylor

      Thanks Martin.

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