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      George SinclairGeorge Sinclair

      Well as I am ever the optimist I have started to enquire with the venues for the North Wales rally about the chances of

      a). being able to put a rally on at all

      b). what format would be allowed

      c) what sort of numbers may be allowed.

      With the date of  4th, 5th & 6th June being considered. The consensus is that nothing could be decided  before the end of April at the earliest and the format may also have to be changed as live music may not be allowed.

      Considering all this I am still prepared to organise the weekend as even if the numbers may have to be small and without entertainment and at short notice I still really fancy a good weekend out on the bikes so if you can drop me a line if you are interested please do.





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      Graham Redrup

      Hi George,

      Similar situation to both the Cornwall Camp & Jurassic weekend, I am keeping a watch on what is happening but cannot make a firm commitment on non firm facts. Hope to be able to salvage something though.

      Regards, Graham Redrup

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