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TR3OC AGM Announcement 24th Octo... @ Triumph Factory
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Lakes Rally-Registration and meal arrangements

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    Martin Rawson

    Arrangement have been made for the Saturday evening meal to be held in two sittings of 25 in the Scree’s pub.  Please would all members select from the menu choices below, and confirm them please by emailing Keith Berry here;


    If you decide to make other arrangements for food it is important that you still register for the event by email, thanks.

    Post Lockdown Menu July 2021

    Our meals are substantial! Smaller portions for smaller appetites or for smaller people are available

    where shown as (Lighter bites)

    please ask when ordering if required.

    Ask for Gluten free options.

    Tapas Menu – Inspired by flavours from across the World

    Choose as a starter on their own, or a selection as a main or to share. Add from our side dishes as you see fit to tailor your meal.

    Conembert A homemade rich and creamy baked vegan cheese made with cashew nuts. Served with Hawkshead Relish red onion marmalade and toasted ciabatta (vegan)………………………………………. 5.95

    Whole Large Crevette Prawns Cooked in chilli butter and tossed with bruschetta tomatoes with homemade chilli sauce dip 7.95

    Spiced Poppy Seed Squid Rings Coated in a light batter and served with garlic mayonnaise dip 5.95

    House Screes Vegan Hummus Topped with olive oil, with a stone baked house flat bread and dukkah on

    the side (vegan) 5.95

    Luxury Kalamata Olives Choice of: – paprika and chilli or herbs de Provence (vegan) 4.95

    Battered Sweet Gherkins Served with our own sweet chilli sauce 4.50

    Aromatic Hoisin Mock Duck Chinese Pancakes Made from shredded jackfruit for you to build your own pancakes with cucumber, spring onions and red onions (vegan) 5.95

    House Dough Balls Tossed in olive oil and garlic (vegan) 4.95

    Halloumi Fries Crispy coated & served with our paprika tomato aioli (vegetarian) 5.95

    Sticky Fried Jackfruit Bites Served with a BBQ dip (vegan) 5.95

    Bruschetta Tomatoes With toasted ciabatta (vegan) 4.50

    Poppadom’s and Pickles Served with homemade mango chutney, lime pickle and red onions (vegan) 4.95

    Homemade Onion Bhajis Served with mango chutney (vegan) 5.95

    Sticky Hoisin, Honey Sausages Wilsons of Egremont mini sausages, tossed in honey, hoi sin sauce and sesame seeds 5.95

    Loaded Nachos Topped with our salsa & Guacamole smoked cheese & jalapenos (vegan version available) 5.95

    Lakeland Pate Served with Hawkshead Relish red onion marmalade and toasted ciabatta 4.95


    Artisan Rolls stuffed with fillings & served with a fresh side salad, house coleslaw & a few crisps.

    Choice of: –

    House Hummus with Hawkshead Relish red onion marmalade (vegan) 7.95

    Classic Fish Finger Buttie Battered Cod fish fingers with house tartar sauce 7.95

    Hot Cumberland Sausage With mustard mayonnaise or proper apple sauce 7.95

    Grated Cheese and Onion Vegan version also available 7.95

    Hot Smokey Crispy Bacon With leaves and tomatoes 7.95

    Hot Vegan Hoisin Duck (Marinated shredded Jackfruit) with leaves (vegan) 7.95

    Hot Vegan Bacon With leaves & tomatoes (vegan) 7.95

    Available from the bar all day :

    Homemade Soup of the day Always vegan, always homemade and served with a speciality artisan bread

    roll (vegan) 5.95

    Homemade Beef Stew Local beef stewing steak cooked in our Strands beer gravy, with carrots, onions

    and potatoes, served with a bread roll 6.95


    Chips….2.95 / Cheesy Chips…3.95 / Fries….2.95 Cheesy Fries…3.95 / Onion Rings…2.95

    Garlic Mayo…1.50 / BBQ Sauce…1.50 / Coleslaw…1.50 / Chilli Sauce…1.50

    Issue 1.5

    Main Courses

    House Sharing Salads or for One Salads

    A summer special of our sharing plates, packed full of homemade dishes and served with toasted homemade Tiger Bread and a selection of our own sauces ( sauces available bottled to buy from the bar ! )

    The Screes Summer Phoenix salad ( to share ) : Warm slices of grilled jerked chicken breast, and bacon lardons in a Caesar dressing with Romain Lettuce, House Hummus with dukah seeds, Coronation chickpea and raisin couscous, spiced balsamic butternut squash rice salad, house slaw, Waldorf salad, mixed olives, house salsa bruschetta tomatoes, toasted croutons, garden salad, and a section of our own dips, dressings and preserves. A large meal for two !…………………………£ 22.95………….Single Serving……12.95

    The Strands Summer Vegan Dragon salad ( to share ) : Vegan parmesan Caesar salad with Romain lettuce, croutons and crispy Jackfruit bites, House Hummus topped with dukah seeds and sesame oil, Coronation chickpea and raisin couscous, roast butternut squash rice salad, House Waldorf salad, mixed garden salad, spicy salsa and bruschetta tomatoes, Vegan slaw, gherkins, Red onion marmalade, dressed Olives and toasted Tiger bread slices to dip.

    A large meal for two ! ………………………………………..22.95 ……………..Single Serving……12.95


    Homemade Curry made with our own curry pastes and toasted spices. Served with a stone baked flat bread, rice, homemade mango chutney and a portion of the Screes vegan onion bhajis.

    Marinated Chicken Madras Tender chicken breast pieces marinated in Madras spices and cooked with

    onions in a rich spiced tomato curry to give a medium hot spice. 13.95

    Chickpea and Jackfruit Dansak Cooked in a rich lentil and tomato sauce with a chilli sweet and sour

    Dansak spice blend, finished with almond milk to give a medium hot spice. (vegan) 13.95


    Homemade pies, served with house mushy or garden peas, onion rings and proper chips.

    Strands Steak and Ale Proper Shortcrust Pie Beef steak in a rich Strands ale gravy, encased in

    individual shortcrust pastry pies, with a rich gravy. A house speciality! 13.95

    Homemade Vegan Cumbria Pastie Vegetables & lentils encased in pastry. Served with rich vegetable

    gravy (vegan) 12.95

    FROM THE SEA ( or as good as! )

    Strands Beer Battered Fish & Chips Cod fillets, served with homemade mushy peas, proper chips and

    house tartar sauce (Lighter bites) 13.95

    The Ultimate Banana Blossom Vegan Fish & Chips Marinated banana blossom hearts, battered in vegan beer batter and served with homemade mushy peas and vegan tartar sauce (Lighter bites) (vegan) 12.95

    Scampi & Chips (or Fries) Served with mushy peas and house tartar sauce (Lighter bites) 12.95


    Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Ribs Cooked slowly in our own BBQ sauce and served with coleslaw, mixed salad, chips or fries and BBQ sauce (Lighter bites) 14.95

    Homemade Wilsons Beef Lasagne Traditional ragu of beef and bechamel, slow cooked and topped with cheese. Served with a side salad and chips or fries 13.95

    Homemade Wilson Beef Chilli Slow cooked beef steak chilli, flavoured with cumin and ghost chillies, served with rice and loaded nachos. This is a medium hot dish (Lighter bites) 12.95

    Cumberland Sausage Wilsons of Egremont mild spiced sausage, cooked till golden & served with house

    mushy or garden peas, onion rings & house chips. With a jug of gravy and apple sauce (Lighter bites) 12.95


    Simply the best burgers, loaded and full of flavour, served in a speciality artisan toasted ciabatta roll with

    house chips or fries, a small salad, house coleslaw, sauce dip and onion rings

    The Screes Dirty Brisket Burger Slow cooked marinated cut of Wilson beef brisket. Topped with smokey bacon, cheese, a smokey BBQ sauce, mustard mayo, pickles, tomatoes, onions and Hawkshead Relish red

    onion marmalade. Can you manage one? 13.95

    The Strands Dirty Vegan Burger An oven cooked ultimate vegan burger, topped with Vegan bacon, Applewood smoked vegan cheese, BBQ sauce, mustard mayo, Hawkshead Relish red onion marmalade,

    pickles and tomatoes. Vegan through and through but a beast of a burger! (vegan) 13.95

    The Whole Hog Burger Mild spiced Wilson Cumberland sausage ring, topped with Smoked cheese, Bacon, House Apple sauce, Hawkshead Relish Red Onion marmalade and mustard mayo. A total mouthful of flavour!13.95

    The Jerk Chicken Burger – Jerk marinated breast of chicken, topped with smoked cheese, smokey bacon, house salsa, tomatoes, and chilli sauce dip on the side – don’t be a chicken, see if you can manage it! 13.95


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