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all-day Scottish Borders Weekend @ Glentress Hotel
Scottish Borders Weekend @ Glentress Hotel
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Scottish Borders Weekend @ Glentress Hotel
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Kirkcaldy Motorcycle Show @ Ice Arena
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New event for the club, held on the ice ring which is a first! Ran by the Kirkcaldy Motor Cycle Club which had in the past held road racing. The club will have a stand[...]
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Jurassic Camping @ Woodyhyde Campsite
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A1 Moto meet

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    Terry Maslin

    Now my T150 is finished and de-snagged etc, I thought a decent ride out to A1 Moto at York was called for, last Saturday is the TOC meet there. Mine was the only real classic Triumph there !, dozens of look-alikes and moderns.  Maybe next month will be better, it’s a good cafe anyway !

    Happy with the way the bike went, storms along with that wonderfull noise behind. Norman Hyde seat very uncomfortable for me (arthritis) .  Corners well, very stable , enjoyable bike to  ride but it’s too big , too heavy for me in reality. I should have bought one 20 years ago. Oh well,  it’s the Triple anniversary year so I’m going to enjoy it regardless.

    Regards all, Terry.

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    peter nicholson

    Hi Terry

    Where about are you? There is a very active group of members in the North East, based in Yarm, friendly bunch when sober, asleep when drunk.

    I am in York, let me know next time you go and if possible I will attend, at least there will be 2 T150’s there.



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      Terry Maslin

      Hi Peter, I’m in Hull, subject to weather, I’ll have another visit end of May.  TOC meet from 1000 onwards.

      Regards, Terry.

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    James Herbert

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Weight.</p>

    No question the lighter the better and if possible a low centre of gravity for the bike but a decently high saddle.   That makes for a confident rider, master of the bike.   It is what I liked aged 20 and still so half a century later.


    The paperwork says a Trident power unit weighs 180lbs, so I decided to dismantle it in situ as 1cwt, or 8 stone (51kg) is enough to lift.   The complete bike is 500lbs.   I weighed an iron BSA A10 engine, plates, gearbox, magneto, dynamo = 160lbs for half my Trident power but the whole bike nearly 100lbs lighter than T150.   A Honda cb350 goes as well as the BSA but is 100lbs lighter again. It manages that because short of flywheel, but awash with rpm, has lighter aluminium cylinders and brake drums.


    My 1938 Velocette bike weighs similar to Honda, but lacks suspension and stamina, it’s engine is aluminium but half Honda power – Honda took me to Liverpool 1am ferry at 80mph on M6 3rd lane from Salisbury, TT week and back without a spanner when 30 years old.


    The 974cc Trident entrances: in neutral it squats its tail when engine accelerates, in gear it pelts forward, behind it leaves delicious aural aura.


    If I could discard 200lbs and fasten the engine like Moto Guzzi it would be perfection but it was, and is, worth its annoyances for the satisfaction it gives.  As I age the Honda seems more and more the best value.


    Although a big steel tank is weight in a bad place it is super convenient for magnetic tank bag.   The hefty rotating inertia makes for smooth progress.

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    Angus McLeod

    As we age bikes get heavier!

    So the BSA engine is 20lbs lighter, the bike is 100lbs lighter. Where is the 80lbs on the Trident?  If you could get rid of that it would make a difference.

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