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    Brett Farrell
    Brett Farrell

    Nice Job, what set it alight, a short?

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    Well, it’s difficult to be sure, but, for the first and only time I held the battery in place using the elastic strap, normally I don’t bother as the battery can’t  go anywhere.  For sone reason I pulled the strap into place and I must have pulled a wire causing a short.  I was lucky the fire could easily have reached the tank and that would have been the end.

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    Beautiful job!  Very glad it didn’t get to the tank.  I actually had a similar (though less damaging) experience yesterday on my 1971 Norton Commando (not sure if I can talk about that on here?).  I’d been doing some wiring tidying and stupidly wired up the coils in parallel (as standard), even though it has a Boyer system that needs them to be in series with no ballast resistor.  During the test ride, the Boyer unit caught fire right under the 50 year old fibreglass petrol tank.  It convinced me to fit a steel tank… 😀

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