Upcoming Events

all-day ***Postponed***”Race the Waves” ... @ Bridlington
***Postponed***”Race the Waves” ... @ Bridlington
May 8 – May 10 all-day
***Postponed***"Race the Waves" Bridlington @ Bridlington
TR3OC field a team of 3 3-cylinder-engined machines at Race the Waves, Bridlington, 8th to 10th May 2020 The TR3OC will this year field a team of 3 machines and have a cub stand at[...]
all-day 2nd North Wales Rally @ Station Campsite
2nd North Wales Rally @ Station Campsite
Jun 5 – Jun 7 all-day
2nd North Wales Rally @ Station Campsite
Thank you for wanting to join the North Wales branch of the TR3OC at our 2nd North Wales Rally on June 5/6/7. We are planning to spend a weekend in beautiful countryside enjoying great company,[...]
all-day ***Cancelled***Coventry Motofest @ Coventry City Centre
***Cancelled***Coventry Motofest @ Coventry City Centre
Jun 6 – Jun 7 all-day
***Cancelled***Coventry Motofest @ Coventry City Centre
MotoFest Coventry 2020 Two days of non-stop cultural celebration and motoring madness. A weekend of free family fun in the UK’s Motor City Contact-Nigel Wheatley 01902 331105



Doug Hele Centennial Riding Program

Welcome to the Doug Hele Centennial and the 40th Club Year Celebration Riding Programme

1. The Club will be running a Riding Programme for one year from 1st May 2019 for our Members.

2. This involves 40 rides of at least 40 miles to destinations of your choice. To be recorded on a weekly updated spreadsheet and available for all members to view on the Club Website.

3. All rides will achieve a minimum of 40 points and
additional points for each ride can be earned.

4. In a separate competition there will be prizes for creative quality photos of Triples.

5. Destinations can be anywhere Triple related or not.

Details of rides to be emailed to entries@tr3oc.com with name, membership number, date of ride, miles ridden, start and final destination plus any photos to be included

You can track the submitted rides by clicking here

A selection of the photos will appear in the slideshow at the bottom of the page

Final submission by 14th May 2020

There is a list of suggestions of destinations below which is nowhere near complete, use your imagination!

  • Any motorcycle show.
  • Ride outs to see anyone who has been involved with Triples How about Lesser known amateur production racers and
    current Triple racers.
  • Any Motorcycle Museum worldwide
    All the major Triples spares distributors, factory sites and any race track worldwide.
  • All classic racing events such as CRMC and AMA.
  • Any competitive event involving Triples.
  • National Road Rally or other Scatter Rally.
  • Any TR3OC event or where Triples are prominent.
  • Beezumph.
  • Current parts manufacturers factories.
  • The Malcolm Uphill Pub.
  • Lands’ End or John o’ Groats.
  • Furthest points East and West, lowest point or any similar type of destination outside of the UK.
  • Industrial or historical sites of interest.
  • War Memorials, Ancient Town Halls, Mileage stones and Blue Plaques.
    This gives an endless supply of Road Trips with some interesting research beforehand and possible articles for TE.

It also means members can undertake rides, and find
destinations, reasonably close to home and not commit to longer distances unless they want to, and yet still take part in this Club event.

Members may well want to post photos on the Club Facebook Page but please do not post any that you would like to see published in Triple Echo or on the Website where there will be a Riding Programme Photo Section.

So they cannot be copied some photos will be held until the end of the competition as there are prizes for
creative photo winners.

Submit all photos of Triples for inclusion in the creative photo competition, for the website and TE to:- entries@tr3oc.com

Prizes will be awarded for

  • UK 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • USA and Canada 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Australia and New Zealand 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Europe and Rest of the World 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

A separate competition will award prizes for the Top 5 creative photos of Trident’s or Rocket 3’s.


  1. Open to any Club member riding any motorcycle or motorcycles.
  2. Rides can be taken from 1st May 2019 to 30th April 2020.
  3. Only one ride per day, minimum 40 miles, no maximum.
  4. The results will be announced on the TR3OC website.
  5. The decision of the Adjudicators will be final in the case of any disputes.
  6. Photos are submitted on the understanding the Club has unrestricted use of them.
  7. Additional points where photos will be required
    1. Using a Triple for the ride: 10 additional points.
    2. Entering a Triple in a bike show after being ridden to the venue: 10 additional points.
    3. Over 100 miles: 10 additional points.
    4. Triple photo at destination: 5 additional points.
    5. Meeting other TR3OC members at destination: 5 additional points.

Please ride safely and park responsibly