Welcome to the new Trident & Rocket 3
Owner’s Club Website!

On this new site you can post classified adverts, participate in the Forums with TR3OC Members, buy Merchandise online, renew and update your membership and learn more about how to look after your Triple. Most of the site’s best features are available once you Log-in as a Member. If you’re not a Member yet, you can Join Here!

If you are a club member visiting this site for the first time, then please use your Firstname and Surname as your user ID e.g. John Smith. Do not omit the spaces and note it is case sensitive. Your password is your membership number turned into a 6 digit code by adding “0’s (Zeros) before the number. e.g. Membership number 2789 will be password: 002789. You will then be able to log in and change your password to something more memorable. If you have any problems please contact us at website@tr3oc.com.

We hope you enjoy exploring the site and look forward to hearing from you on the Forum on how we can improve the site even further.