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Veglia Instruments

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    James lucas

    I have a late T150v (1975 registered) fitted with Veglia instruments. Before i progress seeking Smiths instruments can anyone confirm if Veglia were ever fitted to T150V’s , if so what period. Thanks in anticipation.


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    Don Gray

    Hi James. I’ve had a Veglia speedo on my very late model T150V since I bought it in ’82…. But I suspect it was put on it after it was crashed & before i bought it. Probably from a Bonneville of that era….Its never bothered me to be honest & its been just as accurate as far as I can tell!  As far as i know all the Trident models should have Smiths clocks.

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    James lucas

    Don . Thank you for your response. Further research shows that the T140 bikes of that era had veglia instruments and the instrument panel was similar to the t160s.  Hence my theory that my t150 was fitted as I thought with a t160 front end but could have been from a t140.? I have replaced the front end with the t150 set up now and will fit smiths instruments.

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    Stuart Herzberg

    Hi James Why fit Smiths when Veglia were standard? My late 1975 T150V has Veglia, presumably according to my brother Richard (aka Dick) because they were ” cheap French sh*te” and saved BSA money.However scarcity and originality should add to resale values and confound the anoraks,what? Did you fit original Smiths or replicas? I ask because in the classic vehicle scene originals are fetching high prices.Where you may have a problem is to renovate Veglias – see my post from 2017?In the UK nobody wanted to do them because they lacked the parts but I eventually found a very good repairer near to Nuremberg.

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    James lucas

    Hi Stuart.  Not being convinced that veglia were correct for my t150v my brother just happened to have a set of smith’s magnetic instruments spare.  The tachograph had to be sent away for a new dial as the stop on a t150 is on the left side. I was very fortunate in that the clocks cost me nothing. Jim

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