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2018 AGM @ Best Western Hotel
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    John Allaway

    I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way to anyone, but traffic on this forum seems very light and slow, with few people making use of it.  I have recently discovered the TR3OC Facebook group, which gets answers very much quicker than here.

    It has already helped me with several T160 queries / problems.

    It is well worth joining.

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    Hi John. I suppose not everyone is on or likes Facebook….. This website has features & offer services that only members of the TR3OC can access – to encourage members to join & keep the club going. Think of all the good archive material the club owns.  The Facebook group has a more open aspect, which is great as I’m sure the club has gained members from it, & is useful for quick updates, exchange of info & of course banter! I use both portals – if that’s wot they’re called! Cheers Don.

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    tim naylor
    tim naylor

    I was a member of TR3OC years ago.

    My bike stood idle for about 12yrs so wasn’t a member.  Once I got my bike on the road to go to Beezumph 24. I own a T160 so wanted to be there. Got the mot in the morning and over to Cadwell.

    I join the Facebook TR3OC for a few years. But the question was posed if we were full members. I thought about this and decided I should become a full member to support the club.

    I am looking forward to searching the site to find information. But will use Facebook TR3OC also still.

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    John Allaway

    I can’t stand Facebook, and only wish the same level of discussion would take place on here, as I’d much rather use only this forum. But the TR3OC F’book ‘page’ (if that’s what to call it?) is very useful. Has some good photos too.

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    David Lord
    David Lord

    it is very easy to include pictures in posts on here too but i don’t think many users realise it!  Just click on the far RH icon on the toolbar at any point in your post to insert a picture or video.

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    John Allaway

    T160-T140 18.5.18 013

    Like this, you mean?  That’s great – thanks for the tip. If I can do it, anyone can!

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      David Lord
      David Lord

      that’s a fine bit of wiring!

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        John Allaway

        Thanks David – i did it all by myself!


        (joking, sadly. This is how it came. The previous owner had fitted a new battery and next thing he knew, the meltdown took place. He ripped the wires off the battery and left the bike in his garage for years.

        He told me he’d connected the new battery the wrong way round, but I think he connected it the right way round, but without the heavy earth cable connected (or at least, not connected properly), meaning that when he pressed the starter (imagining it would spin the motor nicely with its brand new battery), all 100+ Amps had to run through the red earth wire, melting it.

        I’ve tidied the wiring up and tested it with a tiny battery from a moped, and everything seems to work OK. Even the plugs spark and the solenoid clicks, so I’m very hopeful that when I finally get all the other jobs done (brakes are seized solid, carbs were a mess but seem good now, and no oil had circulated for a very long time, meaning that I have literally filled the engine with fresh oil, ready to drain out before starting), it’ll start and run nicely.

        I’ll let y’all know in a few weeks, when back from Euorpe on my TR7

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