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    Stephen Dixon

    I am in the process of getting my 1975 T160 Trident back on the road after 30yrs in a garage. I would like to know what the correct torque setting for the rear wheel spindle nut.   I have replaced the rear break Master Cylinder, reconditioned the callipers and replaced the discs.  In refitting the wheel, I noticed increased resistance in the wheel rotation as I tightened the hub nut.  To confirm this was not caused by the new breaks I removed the rear disc pads but this made no difference as the hub nut was tighten the free wheel rotation continued to stiffen up.  The rear chain is not yet fitted.

    My initial diagnosis is that the spindle nut may have been over torqued in the past and compressed the inner sleeves or spindles with the wheel and so allowing the wheel bearings to be compressed when the spindle nut is tightened.

    Before I dismantle the rear wheel does anyone know the correct torques setting for the rear wheel spindle nut and also the length of the inner Sleeve (11), Spacer Inner RH (15) and Spacer Speedo drive unit (30)

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    Gerard Gallwey

    Hello, I can not help you with the torque figure for the rear spindle, as it is not listed in any manual I have and my own T160 is in bits.

    This photo could be some use to you, the two outer spacers I know are out of a T160 wheel, but the centre spacer I bought with the information that it will fit a T160 rear wheel hub.


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    Stephen Dixon

    Hello Gerard,  Great photo to baseline my own components.   Now we can hope that some one can reply with the correct torque settings. Thanks for the rapid response.

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