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T160 help near Glastonbury

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    Hi everyone, I’ve just joined the club hoping to find a solution to my rather annoying problem.

    My 160 motor has been rebuilt, new bearings throughout, new guides and valves, re-bored due to ovality on one pot, primary chain conversion, new carbs etc, the list goes on.

    Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the old girl running right despite almost everything being brand new!

    I’m confident that the problem is fuel related despite the new carbs. I’ve tried the needle in all different positions with no success. The only change I have made from a stock machine is that I am trying to use K&N air filters as opposed to the standard air filter box. As yet I haven’t played with jet sizes. Any one else running similar air filters and any problems doing so? I haven’t gone back to the old box yet purely for aesthetic reasons in my opinion.

    I am rather concerned that I am starting to run out of time to have her ready for some early spring rides and I am desperate to climb aboard and enjoy her. Any ideas who might be able to resolve this issue for me in the Glastonbury, Somerset area? Any suggestions would be very welcome

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    Andy Salter

    Hi Martin,

    Welcome to our world.


    Perhaps a little more info would help, which bit of the running is causing the issues? What do the plugs look like and any change from warm to cold engine etc.


    Do you still have the choke fitted? Does operating this have any effect when running?


    Hopefully the clever ones will be along shortly.




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    iain strong
    iain strong

    Martin as Andy said check the the choke is off  as a start and more info on the running problem would be good ie is it low end, missing etc etc

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    Angus McLeod

    Which carbs have you fitted, Premiers? Just because they are new don’t assume they are right.

    Float heights could be all over the place, emulsion tubes could be in the wrong way round, the pilot jets the wrong size. All problems I’ve heard of with new premiers.

    A little more info if you can please.

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