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    John Allaway

    Any tips for getting a stuck oil pump to shift?  I’ve removed the 4 pozidrive screws and tried two pairs of mole grips on the heads of the slot-headed screws to pull on, but it doesn’t want to budge. I’ve squirted penetrating fluid around the pump.  The inner chaincase is off.  Obviously, I’m worried about using too much force. Any advice will be gratefully received, thanks.

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    Angus McLeod

    Sometimes you can remove the 2 slot headed screws that just hold the pump body together and replace with two of the longer screws that hold the pump in. By screwing these in it should jack the pump out of the housing. Of course if it is really stuck it might strip the threads in the pump body or on the screw.

    Do you really need to remove it?

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      John Allaway

      Thanks Angus – several references to this method on other forums, but it won’t work because the 4 pozidrive screws  are of different diameter to the two slot-headed screws that fasten the pump to the case.  This must be one of those ‘tips’ that people see and repeat without having tried it themselves!


      A version of it which might work (according to someone on another forum) is to remove all 6 screws, then remove the outer plate from the pump, and then re-fit the two long screws in their places and screw them in to jack the pump out in the way you describe. This might work, I don’t know because I couldn’t get the outer plate off!


      In the end I re-fitted the gearwheel and used it to lever against (very carefully), using a pair of large screwdrivers wrapped with cloth. It didn’t take a great deal of force to crack the seal, and once that was done, the ump slid out easily.


      I do need to remove a strip it because it may need attention. I also want to clean the crankcases up as thoroughly as possible and don’t want the pump in the way, worrying whether I’m washing dirt into it.

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    Perhaps you’ve already tried, but make sure you use a lot of heat. There’s usually an oil gasket between the pump and drive casting, so make sure you apply a lot of heat to the back side to loosen that gasket up. I heated the casting all around the pump with a painter’s heat gun for close to 2 minutes then used some penetrating spray, and slowly rotated it back and forth with channel lock pliers until it eased out.

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