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Oil leak at clutch actuation mechanism

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    Jamie Colville

    Hi Guys

    I’ve almost finished a complete restoration of my T150T. Started it up for the first time and a quick ride up the lane showed a slight drag to the clutch. So I took the inspection cover off to make a fine adjustment and was surprised to find a quantity of oil behind the cover. On starting the bike discovered the leak (a steady flow!) wasn’t coming from behind the bearing as I assumed but flowing down from the vertical shaft housing the clutch cable! A quick look in the primary case doesn’t show an excess of oil. The oil flowing down this shaft into the release mechanism looks well ‘aerated’.
    Can anyone tell me what’s going on and what I need to do?


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    David Lord
    David Lord


    It is normal to find oil behind the inspection cover.  Later bikes have a drain hole at the bottom of the housing in order to minimise the amount of oil that flows out when the cover is removed.  If yours is an early machine then it is quite OK to drill a small hole at the bottom of the clutch adjustment area so that oil drains into the chaincase.

    The other thing that happens with some bikes is they leak oil out of the clutch cable abutment. A simple  fix is to push a length of thin wall tube into the abutment from underneath. When re-fitted, this tube will enter the clutch adjustment mechanism area through the cable hole, and very effectively seal the cable from the oil of the chaincase.

    Here’s how mine looks…

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