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New member saying hello!

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    Andy Bell

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick post to introduce myself.  I’m Andy, I live in North Lincs and I’ve recently purchased a 1969 Rocket 3 showing 8000 miles to restore.  This has been something of a dream bike for me since I was a kid (I’m 45 now) and I’m happy to have found one I can hopefully bring back to life (pic below).

    She is a US import and pretty much complete though she does have a couple of strange bodges:

    1. Some pillock welded footpegs to the front frame downtubes, so some careful fettling is needed to remove the residue from those

    2. The headlight bracket has been welded to the right hand fork stanchion (!)

    3. The airbox has had a home-made choke assemble rivetted to it…

    Other than that, she is mainly just tired and dirty.  At the moment I have her mostly stripped down, ready to take the engine out.  While I’m on, I have some amateur-level questions, so here they are:

    1. The bike is a different shade of red to the slightly darker/more metallic shade you usually see and there are no pinstripes on the front guard – is this a US market thing?  I can’t see a sign of any previous paint.

    2. Can someone recommend a good place to get the instruments serviced and the glasses on them replaced (both are cracked)?

    3. Apart from the higher bars and maybe the paint, are there other differences with US-spec models?  (I’m trying to decide whether to restore in US- or UK-trim)

    4. The carbs are complete (apart from a choke slide in the centre one) and appear undamaged but very dirty and in need of seals, gaskets and probably the improved floats.  I’ve noticed that new 26mm concentrics aren’t a crazy price when compared to the cost of replacing all the gaskets/seals/jets/floats.  Does anyone have views on whether it’s better just to replace the carbs?

    5.  I’m going to get the bodywork professionally repainted.  Is there a go-to place for this?

    6. My plan is to get the head checked and unleaded-converted and to fit a Boyer Bransden ignition system.  Are there any other ‘sensible’ engine upgrades that are regarded as a ‘must’?

    Anyway, that’s enough chat for a first post!  Hope you are al well and look forward to meeting some of you in the future.

    Cheers, Andy



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    David Patterson
    David Patterson

    Hi Andy, and the rest of you.

    I’m a new/old member. I was a member back in the ’90. I just acquired a ’72 T150V, so I joined again.

    My current Trident shows 16.5K on the odometer. Both gauges work, so I assume this is accurate. I had the top end off for rings and valves, and the pistons are still standard bore. Only mods are the 3:1 header (170 main jets) and an oil thermostat which I installed, as well as a TriSpark. I also have plans to put a later disc front end on the bike.

    Andy, unless your valve seats have receded into the head there is really no need to replace them. The hardened seats deal with unleaded fuel just fine.

    I’ve never used a Boyer on a triple, but anything is better than trying to keep the points in adjustment. My carbs cleaned up nicely, I only bought new jets and slides, but you can’t go wrong with new ones.


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    Don Gray
    Don Gray

    Hi Andy & All

    Welcome to the club! It’s a great resource of info & with a truly knowledgeble member base. You cant go wrong! Couple of quick points from my experience of 30+ years Triple ownership. Don’t waste money on an unleaded conversion unless the seats are shot – which I would guess unlikely . They are hard enough to cope with unleaded. I use premium unleaded typically Shell Vpower or Esso & she runs just fine. I’m still running the original carbs & slides on mine at about 75000 miles & she carburates beautifully. You have to keep the pilot jets & airways clean. Try giving them a good clean up, you might be ok….unless its been left standing with crappy ethanol fuel in, which can cause horrible corrosion…. Also, I’ve had a Boyer ignition fitted to mine for the past 30+ years & can naturally recommend it! People to recommend for Triple work? Clive Blake & Richard Darby of 3D cycles are a couple of people I’d trust with anything I couldn’t do. P&M have a good reputation too. Others will be along soon with their tips I’m sure.  Enjoy the journey as they say! Cheers Don.

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    Joe perfect
    Joe perfect

    Hi Andy, welcome.

    Good advice above , carb condition and set up are critical in these days of unleaded fuel. Richard Darby renovated my carb’s and my T150V has never run better. Similar cost to new ones but much improved.

    Good luck with your project.


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    Richie Davies

    Hi Andy, Welcome to the Club. Please send some pictures to Les, our editor of Triple Echo. We are always interested in new purchases and the trials and tribulations of your experiences with restoration and getting the bike back on the road. editor@tr3oc.com


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    Les Davies

    Hi Andy

    Yes before, after and what you found difficult for TE please.

    Definitely agree with the lads above re valve seats. Unless they are receded leave alone. Many use Boyer including me however I think when we run out of spares Trispark seems to have good reports.

    probably nothing wrong with your carbs if it’s genuine 8,000 miles

    I had Richard Darby resleeve mine, brilliant. I would definitely throughly clean carbs and try them. You probably have plenty to spend on, leave them to last.

    I hope you don’t get too hung up on originality, have it as you want it.

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    Andy Bell

    Hi everyone – thanks for the welcoming words and the helpful advice.  Appreciate the guidance on the head.

    I started dismantling the engine at the weekend – the engine, gearbox and primary case were all full of water, which was alarming.  I’d say a good couple of pints, in addition to sludgy oil emulsion.  Luckily there doesn’t seem to be significant corrosion.  The valves aren’t receded at all, so I’ll just clean the head, check the guides and lap them back in.  The piston crowns were REALLY grotty and the rings gummed in but, below the oil ring everything looks okay so far.

    I think so far, I’ve decided on a Trispark ignition and one of those things that replaces the rectifier and Zener diode with a single box.  I see no reason not to make sensible modernising upgrades to make the bike more reliable and usable.  I might go for a hydraulic clutch too?

    I’ll keep everyone posted and send some interesting pics as I take them.


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