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    David Nicklin

    Some years ago (probably nearer 20) I fitted some CV Carb’s from an XS750 D model to my T160 as an experiment. This was a bit of a lash up to see if it would work and hey presto it did. As I am planning a total rebuild this winter I thought I would tidy up and finalise the carbs. My problem is finding suitable inlet stubs. They need to be cranked as standard ones are to prevent the carb’s fouling the frame top rail and either internally tapered to suit standard ports or wider to suit widened ports.   They must also be 43mm external diameter to match strait inlet rubbers. Does anyone know of anyone who produces inlet stubs such as this!

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    Kerrin Gautrey
    Kerrin Gautrey

    Hi David.

    I think your best bet would be to find a local machinist, possibly someone who is a keen motorcyclist & does work for a local classic bike club. If you can find such a person take them the T160 inlet stubs & the XS750 inlet rubbers, the right person shouldn’t have a problem in machining a suitable solution.

    When I fitted XS750 carbs to my T150 the stubs were made by Phil Pick, unfortunately no longer trading. He ported the head to production race spec, tapered the internal diameter of the stub & extended the taper into the start of the cylinder head.

    Good luck


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    I know a man who can…. Based in Canterbury Kent. Dunno how local or otherwise that is to you…. But he’s very good! PM me & I’ll send his details. Cheers Don.

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    David Nicklin

    Thanks chaps for the replies and sorry for the late response but been away on holiday. I am currently testing MK II lash up.



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