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Main Bearing Cap, Nuts etc

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This topic contains 7 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by  David Cowan 1 month, 1 week ago.

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    David Cowan

    I am rebuilding a 1969 T150t, I would appreciate any help on the Main Bearing Caps as it appears that when I tighten them to 18ft/lbs the crank wont turn. Also, do all T150t’s have tab washers or do they have lock nuts.

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    Angus McLeod

    As far as I know all triples have tab washers.

    If the crank wont turn obviously something is amiss.

    Have the bearing caps got the same numbers on them as the crankcase?

    Are the caps on the correct sides and the correct way round?

    Are the shells the correct size for the crank?

    Is it locking up without the two outer crankcase parts fitted?

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    Jamie Colville

    Hi David

    I had similar issue with my T150 T. It seems that the Conrod endcaps might look as if they can go either way round but they need to go back the same way as before. Try loosening them all off and nip up each in turn, if any of them bind then take off and turn around and try again. I got it wrong even after marking them!





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    David Cowan

    Thanks for the reply Angus, the bearing cap numbers aren’t the same as the c/c numbers, they were the ones that came with the c/c’s but unfortunately I bought this machine from ebay as a complete rolling chassis with matching number cases and absolutely nothing else engine wise. I will now need to find out other points as I bought a dismantled engine and will need to check if the bearing caps should have the tappet oil feeds or not to match the top end, would anyone know what I need to look for? I would say that this is my first Trident rebuild so a little green.

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    David Cowan

    Thanks Jamie, need to make sure they are the correct ones now as they don’t have the tappet oil feed pipes.

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    David Cowan

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for the tip on making sure the caps were round the correct way, I had the drive side with the tab facing forward instead of to the rear, turned it and torqued to 12 and it’s free and turning lovely.

    If anyone any has any tips on what I should watch out for when rebuilding my engine I would really appreciate the schooling.

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    Angus McLeod


    Jamie was talking about bigend caps not main bearing caps. Are you saying you had a main bearing cap the wrong way round? If so does it turn when torqued to 18?

    Most people blank off the tappet feeds on the early engines. The later ones don’t have this.

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    David Cowan

    Hi Angus,

    I did know that Jamie was talking about the big end caps, they were fine, however, the main bearing caps (according to the w/shop manual) should have all 4 locating tabs to the rear and on checking this I had one round the wrong way.

    After turning it  I torqued them all down and it is turning lovely.

    Thanks for the tappet feed info, my main problem is I am working with two engines trying to make one out of the two, getting there slowly but when looking for parts (like the drain plug) you find out you don’t have them.

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