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10th Aussie Triples Rally
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all-day GTR 13 – German Triple Run
GTR 13 – German Triple Run
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A meeting for riders and friends of the old BSA and TRIUMPH Triples. That was the idea of the GERMAN TRIPLE RUN. Two mates, Ralph and Martin had the idea and were crazy enough, to[...]
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16th French Trident & Rocket 3 I... @ Angevine Région (Maine & Loire)
Sep 6 – Sep 8 all-day
16th French Trident & Rocket 3 International Rally September 6th, 7th & 8th 2019 The French Trident & Rocket 3 Club is organising its 16th Classic Triple rally in the Angevine Région (Maine & Loire)[...]

Is this a scam

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    C. Edmondson

    I received this email and assumed it’s a scam. I thought I post it here as an attachment to make others aware, then realised it included my email address. I’ve tried deleting it but unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to please could the admin delete the attachment.

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    iain strong
    iain strong

    Yes it was a scam and deleted fro you

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    C. Edmondson

    Thank you.

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    Terry Hirons

    Is this scam to do with membership renewal by any chance?

    i have received an email from an unrecognised name re membership renewal.

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    C. Edmondson

    Yes it is, it’s from someone called Tamanna Yasmin (student).

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    richard beard

    I too received this e mail.

    Because it was from TR3OC I very foolishly op4ened it–and viruses and malware spewed out onto my computer.

    Just spent the last 24 hours sorting out all the shit.

    BTW–I live in NJ, USA.

    Bast**ds who do this need hanging upside down and castrating.

    A warning to others.

    Just my two cents worth of course.

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    Sorry to hear about this Richard and any others that are having difficulties, this has been investigated by our Website Developers and the club membership database and website have NOT been compromised. It looks as though it is being passed through personal e-mails.  If anyone receives any further e-mails definitely do not click the link but please delete the message.

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    jim Douglas

    I received an email from a Charlotte Stammers. Did not open it. I guess another piece of spam with viruses.

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    timothy rendall
    timothy rendall

    I’ve just got one and deleted it.

    I knew it was a spam as i have a 5yr membership, so my renewal doesn’t come up for 3yr yet!

    I don’t know how they got my email address as i’ve only just sent an email to the commit members only . i also don’t send personal emails to club members. But i do post lots on FB !

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    richard beard

    Certainly my renewal was not up.

    And I do not post on Faceache.

    I too am puzzled as to where they got my e mail address.

    Just have to be very wary out there!

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