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Ignition switch key barrel removal

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    john martin
    john martin

    How do you remove the key barrel from a Lucas ignition switch? There is a hole in the lock itself with what looks like a wire spring inside, but moving this doesn’t help with the key barrel removal.

    Looking at a new key barrel, there appears to be a pin that holds it in place inside the switch body. Is this pin accessible through the switch body hole? Surely you don’t have to drill the rivets out from the switch body to get the key barrel out?

    I don’t have the original key, will the key number (FS?) be stamped on the key barrel body? If so, where can I get a replacement key from?

    Thanks in advance.

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    David Lord
    David Lord

    I don’t think it is possible to remove the barrel without the key. A new ignition switch is the solution.

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    Douglas Beardsall

    John, I have just been and had a look at a switch I have in the shed, the barrel/switch has to be in the ‘on’ position for the locking pin to come into view through the hole in the switch body.  The locking pin has to be depressed to allow the barrel to be pulled out.  As for the number being stamped on the barrel there is a ten digit number split 6 & 4 on the body but this bears no resemblance to the FS key number.  New ‘Lucas’ switches complete are available which are not too expensive.  Hope this helps you.


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    Angus McLeod

    If you look at your new barrel it may be possible to work out where the pin is with the switch in the off position and drill a hole in the switch to allow you to depress the pin. I don’t know if it will come out then but it may be worth a try. Drilling the rivets out wont help you; it only lets you into the electrical part of the switch and not the barrel bit.

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    Don Gray
    Don Gray

    If you – or mates- have any FS keys give em a try – you might be surprised & get it to open. A “close” number should work with a bit of wiggling…..I’ve managed it in the past.

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    I replaced my ignition barrel on my T160 without the key with no issues. The pin can be pressed in and using something where the key goes e.g a self tapping screw, the barrel will pull out easy enough. If it is a T150, it may be different, I have had different messages as to whether you need a key to move to the On position. In this case drill a small hole where the pin is sited and press in as above.

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    Duncan Cunningham

    I am sure you have managed to remove it by now but for anyone else finding this post with the same question the following may help.

    1) Lock must be in the “Off” position, Key can be in or out.

    2) Using a small rod or miniature screw driver (or paper clip if the lock is not too corroded) press in the small brass pin that can be seen in the lock body through the hole in the side of the die cast housing.

    3) Whilst pressing the pin, gently lever and slide the chrome head of the lock body out, the key mechanism will follow. You may find it easier to leave the key in and use some sideways pressure on it whilst pulling the lock body out.

    4) Re-fitting, just slide the lock body in until the brass pin locates into position.

    Photos may help, the pliers were just there to stop the housing rolling into the wrong position!

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