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Beezumph 28 2019 @ Cadwell Park Race Circuit
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Fitting new form stanchions

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    Phil Date

    I am trying to install new forks after an idiot wiped me out last august.  Having rebuilt the innards etc. I just can’t get the new stanchions to go up through the holes in the steering yolk. Any advice would be much appreciated.  I have tried “spreading” the holes with a screwdriver but they just don’t do as they are told!

    Thanks for any tips.


    Phil Date

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    Angus McLeod

    You don’t say what model. Assuming you still have the old stanchions you could measure the diameter to compare with the new ones. I have heard of some new stanchions having incorrect diameters.

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    timothy rendall
    timothy rendall

    You will fine that most stations sold now are poor quality ones, some times i’ve run a flap wheel on a drill up and down the hole to give them a little bit more clearance. Whacking a screw driver up there is really not the way to go. An other thing to look for is bent or twisted yokes.

    I know it’s a pain but i’d send the stations back and ask for a refund.

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    Stuart Morrison

    I purchased a pair of stanchions from “BritBikesUk” online and when they came they were plastered in Chinese writing.  I have not tried to install them yet but I’m guessing the tolerances will be worse, the steel thinner and the chroming not as solid.  Disappointing but didn’t return them.  In saying that they were less than half the price of rechroming the originals.

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      nigel wheatley

      I don’t know about stanchions but in general you will find that a lot of pattern cycle parts on internet are made to the nearest metric equivalent rather than the actual ‘imperial’ dimensions which explains why they won’t fit without some further work. Send them back and in future deal with a recognised triples specialist – though even they can get duff components sometimes. Or look for good second-hand originals. But use a supplier who stocks parts from LF Harris or Velocette and you’ve a better chance of getting an accurate fit

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        Phil Date

        I did buy mine from what I think is our most reputable supplier and paid full price.  A friend measured them with a micrometer. Each leg differs by a thou.  A very good friend emery clothed the yolks to get them to fit.  Only for us to find that crash which occasioned the need for new stanchions has bent something and they don’t fit any way…….arghhhh!!!!  Thanks for your posts.  Will probably be starting a new thread on frame replacement soon, the blind twat that knocked me off last August has a lot to answer for.  Phil Date

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    timothy rendall
    timothy rendall

    Frame Replacement ! you can have it straitened in a jig, also you can have the yokes straitened as well. You may find that the steering stem may be bent, and if you have the Alloy yokes you can get new ones


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    Tony Eklom

    Had similar problem recently (minus the crash) ended up machining  the top of each stanchion to match diameter of old parts

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