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    bob moore

    Any one know what balance factor should be used on a triple engine , I had my R3 engine  balanced and  locally and the bike seems to vibrate , I haven’t been game to go much above 5000 rpm because it seems quite harsh , I  had a t160 many years ago and you could rev it to 8000  with no  harshness

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    David Lord
    David Lord

    Bob, I believe the figure is 42% but there are a number of other possible causes of vibration. Most notabley the clutch and shock absorber assembly, but also carb balance, engine mountings, even ignition problems depending on what type you are using.


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      bob moore

      I am using Trispark  ignition , I haven’t balanced the clutch but spent a lot of time indexing the clutch to get lowest runout of the clutch basket , carbs are new amal premiers  , according to job sheet it looks like the balance factor they used is 50%  I don’t know how much difference it would make , perhaps someone that  has done  balance jobs might know , the whole balance thing seems a bit  thin  for triples

      I will  go over the carbs ignition and mounts and see if that helps



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