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    James lucas

    Whilst attending Cadwell Park i noticed that several owners had removed the tension spring from the gantry of the manifold. I have an issue with my tick over running high before settling down to normal.  According to the Chris Rooke book he fitted T160 slide springs to his T150 doing away with the smaller rod spring.

    I know that the high rev may be due to an air leak but i have fitted new manifold rubbers and fitted complete service kit to each carb but suspect that the slide(s) are not shutting fully.

    Can any one enlighten me, who has undertaken this modification, as to whether it will resolve my problem.  Also is there such a slide spring fitted to T160’s.

    Thanks in anticipation , James


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    Les Davies

    I don’t think it will solve your problem James. Sounds like your air leak is from worn slides. Mine were re-sleeved by Richard Darby, cracking. I do have the lightweight Triple springs, easily purchased from Burlen, most Triple owner have changed from the standard horrible set up and I believe some have also left the gantry spring on as well.

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    timothy rendall
    timothy rendall

    It also could be the spindle that operates the slides. It runs in bushes and these can get worn out. My bike has only done 10k miles and my bushes are worn!

    If you put your finger on top of the R/H carb where the rod goes, if you push it down when the engine is warm and ticking over too high you may find the revs drop ? mine does and i came move the actuating arm on the spindle too. Some put extra bushes in the moving part too.


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    James lucas

    Thanks for your comments. I have also had the carbs refurbished and new bushes fitted to the gantry. I will try the light weight springs to push the slides down , hoping that will make them return more efficiently.

    Thanks again. M james

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