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Beezumph 28 2019 @ Cadwell Park Race Circuit
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Alloy sump plate

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    david harrison

    Just fitted alloy sump plate from L.P. Williams and find studs are not long enough to come through nuts. Anyone else had similar problem ?

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    Keith berry

    Take them out and fit 1/4 unc Allen heads

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    Angus McLeod

    Studs and nuts are always better as you have to remove this at each oil change and it is better not to be constantly screwing and unscrew threads into alloy.

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    thomas bailey

    I measured the thickness of standard plate and LPW plate earlier(where stud passes through) and they are the same!

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    timothy rendall
    timothy rendall

    Having an early T150t i have bolts holding my plate on. They were a little short but i put this down to using new gaskets that are a lot thicker. All the gaskets that i’ve taken off so far have been, of the paper type. I’m now replacing them with the better quality green type.  The LPW plate did look thicker but when i put it up against the old one it was only a slight bit bigger, not more than 0.040″ (1mm). certainly not enough to make any difference.

    Now i’m going to up set some people now! After working on Triumphs for quite a time, as a home mechanic and working for a long time Triumph dealer. I don’t see the need to remove the sump plate if you have a drain plug! When i worked for the Triumph dealer we never took them off !  After all the oil goes through a filter before it gets to the bearings.  Also how much dirt do you find in the wire filter ? not much if any at all. And what about the oil in the oil cooler!


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    Angus McLeod

    When I change the oil I always take the return pipe off the tank and run the engine until clean oil appears. Hopefully this will have “drained” the cooler.

    I’m not surprised that a dealer didn’t remove the plate.

    My 69 has bolts but later ones have studs.

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