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Air Filter-clutch ramp kit

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This topic contains 5 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by  Kevin Hedges 1 month ago.

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    I bought a partially restored T160 few years ago finished it and runs ok but very rich, carbs are new. I decided to remove them and opened up the air filter which i had not touched and discovered the air filter had been put in backwards. Is this likley to make a significant diference ?

    I have to replace the clutch ramp and came across the clutch ramp kit from Triples Unlimited, does anyone know if these are any good/worth fitting?

    Thanks Kev

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    peter nicholson

    Hi Kevin

    I have fitted a Triples Unlimited Clutch Ramp to my T150, it has made the action smoother, and adjustment much easier, I’m afraid I can’t help with the air filter.


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      Kevin Hedges

      Peter thanks I have to replace the bearing anyway so might get one of those .


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    Martin Rawson

    Hi Kevin, NOS paper type air filter were designed to be fitted one way and had engine side’ stenciled on them for a reason.I would suggest you reverse it.

    Note the bikes were set up on the rich side, and with modern fuels plug colour tend to look rich. 40 m.p.g would suggest a reasonably set-up bike, although you can certainly get better economy if you pay attention to jets and needle heights.

    The clutch ramp kit is a re-design of the outer bearing in the lift arm, not required imho. The great Les Williams suggested fitting a rocker shaft shim between the large nut and lift arm bearing. This effectively takes away the interference between the back of the big nut and lift arm when the clutch is lever is pulled in. A worthwhile mod in this area is to replace the thrust bearing in the pressure plate with a bearing better designed to take axial load. There is an angular contact bearing now available 72032rs which does this.

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      Kevin Hedges

      Martin thanks, I would say I was getting less than 30 mpg and having taken more things off it was running hot plugs. I will put the filter in the right way and have the carbs off to strip down . I have to replace the clutch arm bearing anyway but will look to replace the pressure plate one. I’ll put it on the list 🙂cheers Kev

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    Angus McLeod

    I have one with 110,000 miles on the clock still running the original bearing in the pressure plate. I certainly wouldn’t strip it just to replace it. If it does need replacing then an angular contact bearing may be worth using. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I do use a washer behind the big nut.

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