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Viton rings for Head to barrel dowels

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    Duncan Billingham1

    Has anyone used viton rings to seal around the dowels for the head to barrels mating?  If so, what inside/outside diameters and ring thickness were used please?   Would 6.35mm ID  / 9.91mm  OD / 1.78mm thickness be suitable?  Can anyone suggest a source of this?  Thank you.

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    David Lord
    David Lord

    Whilst I’m sure this is a good way to prevent leaks in this area, I think it is over elaborate. Simply using a light counterbore and a smear of high temp silicone sealer creates a very good seal.

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    Andrew Stroud

    for a source of O rings including in viton try simplybearings.co.uk

    Great web site to find and order many sealing and bearing products, I have always had excellent service from them.

    Regarding the size of O ring to use I would check a supplier’s web site for a down load of their design notes, I have one from James Walker which is very helpful to find the correct dimensions for an O ring installation. Contrary to popular belief rubber hardly compresses but deforms so it is important to get the correct clearances in any groove or housing to allow the O ring to move.

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    J Phillips


    I did this mod on a t150 that just would not stop bloody leaking around this area – I used a std copper gasket bored the appropriate holes out and fitted viton o rings – worked a treat. Sorry, can’t remember the size, but I wasn’t overly technical about it – snug over the dowel, and allowed the same expansion space horizontally as the oring was thicker than the gasket – again, not much 0.5,mm or so. Plenty of online suppliers that allow you to browse their site and pick what you need.


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      J Phillips

      Just found them ! 9.37 x 6.1 x 1.56 or thereabouts.

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