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all-day Endurance Legends at Donington Park @ Donington Park
Endurance Legends at Donington Park @ Donington Park
May 6 – May 7 all-day
UK’S ONLY 4HR CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE ENDURANCE RACE WILL RETURN TO DONINGTON PARK ON 6-7TH MAY 2017 After the huge success of the inaugural Endurance Legends in October 2015 – the UK’s first 4 hour classic[...]
all-day Ton-Up Track Day @ Lurcy Levis Circuit
Ton-Up Track Day @ Lurcy Levis Circuit
Jun 8 – Jun 10 all-day
For the past 19 years, the Ton Up Club have organised this excellent annual track day weekend in France. Dedicated to pre-1983 British and pre-1985 Italian bikes, it always attracts an impressive collection of classic[...]
10:00 am Bob McIntyre Classic @ East Fortune
Bob McIntyre Classic @ East Fortune
Jun 24 @ 10:00 am – Jun 25 @ 4:00 pm
Bob McIntyre Classic @ East Fortune | East Fortune | Scotland | United Kingdom
The Bob McIntyre Memorial Classic Races Weekend 23rd to 25th June 2017 This annual race event, held at East Fortune Race Circuit, East Lothian, is the biggest event of its type in Scotland and well[...]
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T160 Starting, or lack of

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This topic contains 2 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by  Mike steer 2 weeks ago.

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    Mike steer

    Haven’t run the bike for two years.  After several attempts on the button I get a loud bang and smoke from the near side silencer.  Could anyone say ‘Ok the most likely cause of that is ……’  I thought perhaps stale fuel (been in the tank for a month at least).  Stripped carbs, re set float heights, pilots flushed out and all cleaned.  Fresh fuel, new battery still the same.  Have checked kill switch, looks fine, nothing obvious.  Good sparks on the plug’s with them out of the head so assuming coils are all working fine, along with the the Boyer ignition? Please advise if my assumptions are not the case.  Have visually checked the stator plate but can’t see any signs of it having moved. Is there anything obvious I might have missed?

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    David Lord
    David Lord


    Have you checked battery voltage, at the battery and also at the Boyer when it is all turned on?  Have you checked the battery voltage when you are turning over the engine?

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    Mike steer

    Dave thanks. Haven’t tried that as yet.  However it did start first push of the button yesterday morning (Sunday) without me doing anything else to it. As if mysterious things happened overnight.  Two things I can think of.  I did put the battery on a charge after I wrote the initial mail.  I also put some fuel additive formulated for Ethanol fuels into the tank (Ethomix).  I strayed away from the battery being the problem as it is brand new.  I had good sparks when needed with plugs in and out of the head which basically excused the coils and the Boyer. Anyway, bike is running so I’d like to think that a combination of the additive which overnight cleaned the areas of the carb’s I couldn’t get too, and the charging of the battery.  From previous experience it probably was the battery not having enough ooomph to fire it up.  Lets see

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