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T160 oil leak through tach drive/cable

Home Forums Main Forum T160 oil leak through tach drive/cable

This topic contains 6 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by  Martin Rawson 3 months, 3 weeks ago.

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    Jerry Bland

    I have a T160 that is pushing oil up through the tachometer cable at the junction of the tachometer drive and cable. I have removed and disassembled the drive for inspection but can not find any issues with it. I currently have zip tied a diaper to the cable to keep oil from blowing all over my engine and leg while riding. I assume the engine is pushing oil out through the end of the cam and up into the tachometer drive but am not really sure what would cause this. Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this issue? JB

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    keith berry

    I have the same issue the early T160 have not got a hole in the cam housing to relive the pressure on the oil I had an aftermarket tacho drive which was not that well made compared to the oem, and I had to repack with grease every 200 miles, I have just got a oem unit and packed it with a heavy high melting grease loctite8104 so I hope that will work also is the o ring in place on the cable converter

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    Huu-Chi Tran

    Oil pressure builds up in cam housing and i have heard in extreme cases of oil leaking from the headlight.
    I bought a brand new drive to stop the leak but to no avail.
    A small hole is drilled to drain oil back into the case,rather than it being forced out of the cable.
    When my enginevis rebuilt I intend to have this inexpensive modification made.
    Hope this helps

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    Mike Klose
    Mike Klose

    It’s true.. Drill a hole.
    I vaguely remember someone posting on TOL about drilling the oilway “in situ”, but I was way too chicken for that.
    I, too, have experienced this oily problem and rebuilt the tacho drive last winter with the intention of slathering in the heavy grease workaround.

    I had a bit of a funny turn, however, and instead put a very small “O” ring on the input shaft running on the plain bush. This seems to have stemmed the flow completely since then.

    How long that will remain effective is anybody’s guess, but it’s lasted for several hundred miles, which is more than the grease used to.

    I wish I’d taken a photo at the time….


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    Jerry Bland

    Thank all of you for your response. While this engine runs very well currently I am planning on doing a rebuild on this engine in the near future. It needs to be freshened up on the top end and some resealing on the lower end. I will most definitely be looking into this issue. Was the drain hole something the factory was supposed to do and it got missed on some of these models?

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    keith berry

    just an update mine lasted 700 miles with the new grease pretty good i would say

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    Martin Rawson

    Jerry the drain hole was  a later engine mod along with other things like enlarged oil inlet pipe diameter and galleries. To name a few.


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