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T150 rear conical hub operating leaver length

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    Barry Davie
    Barry Davie

    Anyone have an idea of the correct length for a 1973 t150v rear conical hub actuating lever ?

    Since I brought the bike just over a year ago I haven’t been overly impressed with the rear brake, the actuating lever is past 90º to the vertical and therefore I assumed well worn shoes. On inspection after strip down it became obvious the lever has rotated further than normal and is almost seized, I am arranging for the shoes to be relined but I do wonder if the actuating lever is too long, compared to the manual and parts websites. All words of wisdom gratefully accepted.

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    John Allaway

    I’ve just measured mine, roughly, at 4 1/2″ overall length. It’s very awkward to get to so couldn’t measure between centres with any accuracy, but hope this helps.

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      Barry Davie
      Barry Davie

      Thanks John, mines about the same. I guess the illustrators just use  generic image of a lever in the books, hopefully  a new set of shoes and  clean up will sort it out.

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        Francis Marshall

        From the reply by John I assume you have the steel brake plate first introduced in 1974. The 1973 models used an alloy brake plate with an S shaped lever which comes in two different lengths.

        anyway the steel backplate lever is an almost straight stamping. It has one interesting feature – the square hole where it fits to the cam is offset ie not symmetrical. So it is possible to flip this over and change the angle the lever sits at. Check yours is correctly mounted as your description implies it is the wrong way round.

        Good luck!

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        Barry Davie
        Barry Davie

        OK so its definitely a 73 bike, i.e. first year of disc front brake, conical hub rear with the steel backplate, so maybe a late 73 with an early 74 plate ! who knows the activities of a disintegrating factory. I now have striped the complete assembly had new linings fitted to the shoes, freed up the sticky cam spindle, rebuilt it all and fitted it back to the bike.

        Looking at the lever on the back plate set up and adjusted correctly the lever sits vertical, an improvement on before, I’ll keep an eye on it bedding in and see if the lever wants re-setting by turning it around.


        Thanks for your help.


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