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Swinging arm removal

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    Pete Esser

    I’m having some trouble removing the swinging arm pivot bolt on my T160 as the nut is seized. If I use a blow torch, will I need to replace the pivot nut and bolt with new ones? There is a bit of side play; do I need to achieve zero side play with shims or is a bit of play normal? Lastly, is a special drift required for removal and fitting of the bushes or can I improvise with something else? Any advice appreciated. Pete

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    Pete Esser

    I got it off on the end; after trying heat, shock force and WD40 the nut would not budge, so I had to split it off with a small cold chisel. The bobbins were badly corroded and bearing collars worn, so everything should feel tighter when rebuilt. Now having a similar problem with headstock bearing removal, can’t get the inner collars out, which are badly scored (the bottom race was rusty, devoid of grease and seized onto the stem, but I managed to get it off eventually. Any suggestions for inner collar removal?

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    Gerard Gallwey

    A method I once used on a Suzuki of removing a bearing inner collar at the headstock, is to weld piece of metal on to the collar so that there is a larger area to enable a drift to make contact with the collar. The drift which has to be longer than the headstock tube is put in from the other end of the headstock. The collar is evenly driven out by moving the end of drift between hammer hits, to different places on the welded in piece of metal.
    On a Yamaha with the same problem, I drilled three or four evenly positioned holes through the frame so that a 1/8″ parallel pin punch could be used to drive out the collar. The holes were drilled from the outside of the headstock in the direction of the bearing collar at an acute angle to the headstock. Looking at a the fairing mounting lugs on a T160 headstock, there appears to be just enough room for two holes on both sides of the headstock. On the Yamaha I just filled the drillings with instant gasket paste so that they could be used the next time.

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