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Reputable rechromers

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    Stuart Morrison

    Any recommendations on rechromers?  I contacted a local recromers but they said they couldn’t do the exhaust and I would have to clean the carbon out and they couldn’t do the fork stanchions either.  The internet is full of rechroming companies but it’s hard to tell who are agents and who are actually rechromers.  It’s also tricky to tell who is reputable with these parts and who is not.

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

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    Don Gray

    Hi Stuart. I use a chromers local to me in Ramsgate Kent called Butterworths. Been there years & years & they turn out really good work. They did a lovely job on a BSA exhaust pipe for me. I don’t know if theyll do your fork legs though…. Don’t they have to have a “special” hard chrome thats then ground to size? Anyway… worth a call if you’re near the South East??  Cheers & good luck..

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    Don Gray
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    james lucas

    Hello Stuart, I have used a company called Broadway Brass Ltd, Unit 2 , Hertford St, Birmingham B12 8 NJ. 0121 440 3173  Speak with Mark . They have done my exhaust pipes  and silencers on a BSA A65 and Triumph Trident. They will dip them in a solution to get rid of the carbon before going into the acid bath for stripping. I have been pleased with the results . If you find that you are unhappy with the results they will re do them without fuss.

    Regards James

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    David Lord
    David Lord

    I used these guys based in Alton, Hants and they were very good. http://www.beckworth.net/

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    Stuart Morrison

    Thanks for all the recommendations.  I contacted these guys: http://www.chromerestorationspecialist.co.uk/

    The total came to £3k including vat.  Are these realistic prices?  I will try the other you have recommended as well.  Thanks for the help

    2    Headlamp brackets, 1    Headlamp Rim, 1    Headlamp reflector re-silver £75, 2    Wheel rims £225 each, 2    Silencers £240 each, 4    Down pipes £125 each, 1    Collector box £135, 1    Set fork legs hard chrome and grind £185, 2    Fork sliders mirror polish £75 each, 1    Handle bars £95, 2    Handle bar clamps £16 each, 2    Fork shrouds £45 each, 1    Head lamp shell £85, 1    Rear mud guard £160, 1    Rear light bracket £75, 1    Front mudguard £135, 1    Rear grab rail £165

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      John Allaway

      Sorry in advance for this non-useful response, but I can’t help gasping in near horror at those prices! Is it just me, or do these kinds of prices (more for replating one wheel rim than to buy two new ones and still have a rusty one for a spare, for example) seem so far over the top as to be verging on mad?

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    Stuart Morrison

    I contacted beckworth today and they came in at ~£2500.

    I also contacted a guy from down birmingham way and he cam in at £1200 but I’m suspicious about the quality.

    The prices are high and in some cases its cheaper to buy new but there is a couple of tradeoffs there, Quality of the product and chrome may be inferior and it raises the question…do I stay true to the bike and refit the originals.

    I’ll keep looking and any further recommendations are welcome.


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