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Rattle When releasing clutch from standstill

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    bob moore

    Just went on first run on MK1 r3 after full redo,  all went well,  did 250 miles and got 52mpg runs great , noted a bit of a rattling noise when releasing clutch when taking of in first , clutch works well easy to find neutral , everthing in the primary side is new , no noise when clutch is engaged or released , just a rattle buzz noise when taking off as the clutch is being released , any ideas


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    Martin Rawson

    I would look carefully at either the chainwheel rivets or the clutch end cover rivets.


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    John neokosmidis

    Also check if the crankshaft sprocket is a tight fit.
    My triple was doing exactly that and i found out that the rattling was from there.
    The sprocket was a loose fit on the crankshaft.

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    bob moore

    I remember the sprocket wasn’t  exactly a tight fit on the crank , although I torqued it up tight , the noise started after about an hours riding when it got really warmed up , so i will take of the cover and see if it is still tight , did you replace the sprocket ?

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    John neokosmidis

    No i didn’t. I used loctite 660 to secure the sprocket on splines.
    I also discarded the sprocket nut washer (70-8785) and make a new washer on the lathe
    with a thickness of about 5mm. I secured the nut with loctite high strength thread locker. Obviously if i need to remove those items i have to warm them first.

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