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Pilot jets

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    John Allaway

    The carbs on my T160 have brass pilot jets screwed in to the bodies. Is this normal?  The carbs are numbered A626 L77, A626 R76 and A626 R76.


    It is a 1975 T160, engine number EK04280


    There’s no reference to detachable pilot jets in the parts book or manual and the last one I saw was a long time ago on a Ducati single. Hence wondering!

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    Angus McLeod

    Are the pilot jets screwed into the body so that they protrude into the float bowls?

    I believe they are like that on two strokes. It is not normal for a triple. Maybe someone has drilled out the correct pilot jets and installed these afterwards.

    Does it run ok?

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      John Allaway

      Yes, the jets are fitted as you describe – which is as they were / are on 2 stroke carbs. It does seem odd.  I have never had this bike running (it came as a non-runner due to the wiring having been fried).  I’m reluctant to go to all the trouble of fitting them only to find that the engine doesn’t run well. But I;m also reluctant to fork out several hundred quid for new carbs when it may not be necessary!


      I’ve been told by a couple of people on the Britbike forum that this could be a useful modification carried out by someone who knows what they’re doing. Richard Darby’s name has been mentioned as someone who carries out this mod. I;m sure he’s far too busy to be bothered by me phoning him just to ask though – so I’m hoping someone on the forum might know if this could be true (and what the advantage is)?

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        David Lord
        David Lord

        Possibly the original pressed in jets were badly blocked or damaged and were replaced with the screw in ones as a repair?  I’d try them out before spending money on new carbs.

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        John Allaway

        My carb numbers are (starting from drive side):-

        A626 L77;  A626 R76 & A262 R76

        Are these carb numbers correct for a 1975 T160 (engine number in original post)?

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        David Lord
        David Lord

        yes, those are the correct Amal part numbers for a T160

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