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Feb 1975 T160. Where was it made?

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    Stuart Morrison

    Hi All

    I have a T160 with engine BK = Feb 1975.  I’m currently reading the save the triumph bonneville book which describes the factory situation at this time: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Save-Triumph-Bonneville-Meriden-Workers/dp/1845842650

    According to the book triumph meriden were out on strike and were building nothing and NVT needed the tools and machinery from the factory to work on the triples but couldn’t get them due to pickets.  Anyone got any details on where these triples were actually manufactured?  Mines was exported to the States market.  It seems the first bike off the Meriden coop floor was a T140 in March 1975 so I’m guessing the T160 was built by NVT.  Perhaps this is mentioned further on in the book but the book is written in chronological order so I suspect the story will move on.

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    Keith berry

    Kenneth Johnson has a nos tank

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    John Nelson

    Hi Each,

    as I understand it all of the 3 cylinder engines were built at Small Heath.

    Before the sit-in started the frame and final build for Tridents was at  Meriden. The co-op never had permission to build anything other than the 650/750 unit twins so the “C” range 500s simply died after that. Damned shame but there you are.

    Some of the Trident tooling was retrieved from Meriden during the sit-in and some was reproduced then the last T150s and all T160s were built at BSA along with the engines.

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