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Adhesive to mount reflectors / clocks

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    Hi all, could anyone advise me on which adhesive would be best to mount reflectors onto the oil cooler. I will also use same to fix rubbers on bottom of clocks in place ..Thanks

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    Hi Kevin,

    If you have an original oil cooler with holes, then it is recommended that you both wire and glue your reflectors, as shown here.


    There are varying opinions about which glue, depending on finish to the cooler and type of rubber used in modern replacements. My replacement cooler doesn’t have the holes shown so I haven’t fitted mine yet.


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    Clean thoroughly with spirit..Silicone sealant (bath seal..gasket seal) makes little difference support with tape for an hour or so ideally leave overnight..vibration proof excellent


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    Just back from touring Wales and west coast ..thanks for advice Gary and Brian. Reckon I’ll be trying wire and sealant. Also have another question for anyone out there who may know if…the machined circular recesses which pushrod tubes sit in on the underside of the rocker box (front ) are ment to be shallower at the backside than the front. ..I’m in the process of trying to stop oil leak by replacing pushrod tube seales and don’t want to find I’ve wasted my time if this is not normal

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    Barry Davie
    Barry Davie

    I came across a sealant called CT 1 available from good builders merchants, the good thing about it is the ability to stick like !@£$ to  blanket and works under water ! I have used it for many things, it sticks to almost all materials and so far I haven’t found it lacking, also comes in a few colours. As for the rocker box recess I encountered a similar thing with a T120 head, as I understand it the castings are made, the machined faces are then machine finished to be true to their orientation in use, just because the un-machined castings vary it may look like the machined face is on the piss. I hope that helps.

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    Patrick Fribley

    I put cable ties around mine. Then I know for sure they will stay put. Original getting too hard to find.

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    Julian Green

    When I restored my T150, I cleaned all the old adhesive off both cooler and reflector surfaces. A generous coat of Evostick was then applied to both surfaces and left for 24 hours. Another coat was then applied, 15 minutes allowed for it to become tacky, and the parts assembled and clamped overnight.

    The reflectors are still in place 33 years later.

    I can claim no credit for this tip – I’m pretty sure that I picked it up from Tim Smithells or an early issue of ‘Triple Echo’!

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    Steve Constable

    Hi Kevin

    I used JB Weld two part epoxy.

    It stuck well, made the reflector holder nice and rigid and had a nice finish.

    You do need to support it while it dries so that it doesn’t slip down. It’s quick drying so not too much of a chore.

    Good  stuff to have around as well.


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    Thanks to everyone for your input…been away  for  a while so apologies for late reply. .Thanks again

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