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9:00 am The 39th Carole Nash Internation... @ Staffordshire County Showground
The 39th Carole Nash Internation... @ Staffordshire County Showground
Apr 27 @ 9:00 am – Apr 28 @ 5:00 pm
A flagship event of the classic motorcycling calendar, the Carole Nash International Classic MotorCycle Show is well into its fourth decade and is still going strong. Welcoming the very best that classic British motorcycling has[...]
all-day North Wales Rally @ Station Campsite
North Wales Rally @ Station Campsite
Jun 7 – Jun 9 all-day
North Wales Rally @ Station Campsite
The North Wales group of TR3OC are pleased to announce a new event planned for 2019. The dates are now confirmed and bookings being taken for the 7th, 8th & 9th of June. The Rally[...]
all-day Beezumph 28 2019 @ Cadwell Park Race Circuit
Beezumph 28 2019 @ Cadwell Park Race Circuit
Jul 25 – Jul 26 all-day
Beezumph 28 2019 @ Cadwell Park Race Circuit | Wales | United Kingdom
The TR3OC Committee would like to announce that this years BEEZUMPH RALLY will take place at Cadwell Park on the 25th and 26th of July. Hope to see you there.



Monthly Archives: March 2016

Guy Martin – Wall of Death World Record

An awesome achievment by Guy Martin shown live on TV yesterday evening.  78.15mph an official Guiness Book of Records landmark.  And he did it on a 750cc Rob North framed triple.  The sound is fantastic!GMWoD


Das Motorrad – 47 years on by John Young

On 2nd May 1969, the German motorcycle magazine Das Motorrad rode a T150 Trident from Vienna to Hamburg to test the high speed / long distance capabilities of the bike.das motorad

Originally this test was to be ridden on the 19th April, but snow and ice meant the ride was aborted, which is lucky ……… because this year, the 2nd May is the early May Bank Holiday here in the UK.

So, this is the proposal:

Assemble in Vienna on the Sunday (1st May). Things like hotels etc can be arranged once I gauge the response. It’s only 800 miles from Calais, so perfectly feasible for a days ride there.

On the Monday, the Vienna – Hamburg “recreation ride” will take place. Again, it’s about 700 miles between the two cities, so for a triple, a “full” days ride, but that’s all. You can ride at your own pace, stopping as and when you like – but the object would be to arrive in Hamburg on the Monday evening

Again, hotels in Hamburg will be arranged once I know how many people are interested in this.

On the Tuesday we come home ….

Now clearly since it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, you might want to add a couple of days either side of the “memorial ride” – but that’s up to you.

You don’t have to use a “proper” triple, but it would be nice to replicate the ride on as many triples as possible.

So far, three people have committed to join me but if you would like to take part in this great adventure contact me, John Young on johnsonia@adamsyoung.fsnet.co.uk

Tuareg final day 7 report video

Tuareg Updates

Tuesday Update from John Young:

Today started with a 56km durst track journey to the start line.

Once we were there out official start time was 10.09 & so we had about a 30 minute wait. We got talking to a team of Spitfire pilots (yes that sort of spitfire !!) and afterwards to another competitor who warned us that there was a section that we would get stuck in.

Although the organisers assured us that they were quite prepared to recover us (again), we have already learnt that this is a dangerous event and tying up the organisation “rescuing ” us from a situation that we knew we would be getting into would potentially mean a real emergency would be compromised. We decided therefore to cross the start line , “have a play” and then take the long route around to the finish control.

So off we set. After about 6 miles into the desert the bike went onto 2 cylinders and so plan a had to be shelved and we limped back to the start. It turns out that all we had done was shake a ht lead out of a coil. You need to understand that 6 miles desert riding subjects the bike to something like 600 miles road riding – it really is that bad ……
so then we had the long 300 km haul to Mesourga.

On the way we headed off for 20 minutes or so into the desert again and really caned the bike. It held together well and performed brilliantly which has given me a lot if confidence.

However we came back with a flat rear tyre …..

We still had 50kms to cover yo the finish control and so we were about to test my theory as to whether the tyre would run flat. For the most part it did although we have ” totalled ” the tyre (I’ll send pictures later)

That will be Chris and Eugene’s first job. We’re going to try a moose this time. We’ll get one from another team.

Oh, we missed the cut off time for our check in by 15 minutes or so – about the time we spent arsing about in the desert. Heck, who cares. It was fun ….

I suppose some of you may be thinking that we’re not taking this seriously. On the contrary we are. We said from the start that our mantra would be if in doubt, don’t. This is a competition where you could die and we don’t want that to happen. its tough enough riding a classic machine at the best of times, let alone in Morocco and then in the desert

We are learning more and more each day about what it takes to compete in this event and also compete on a triple. Tomorrow we will see how to tackle sand and the dunes. This adventure has now turned into a training course as we will be coming back again and be the time we will be more prepared, for now, each day teaches us more.

Oh, one last thing for the next three nights we are sleeping on mud huts !!!

So, I hope that you are enjoying the reports and pictures and don’t forget to check out the daily videos posted on you tube.

and as of tonight we are still in front of every H*nda CB750 entrant …… lol !!

And not to forget Chris Rooke and Eugene Hudson who are driving all day, refuelling and working their butts off to keep the bike on the road, no mean feat in this heat and environment.





Thursday update :

The team sat down last night to plan our strategy for the next 3 days. We are going to spend today trying to get the rear wheel correct. We’ve run out of suitable tubes so we have to make the mousse work.

Tomorrow we will get the outfit trailered back to Zagora ( to protect the mousse as they don’t enjoy continuous lengthy road use).

Hopefully then we will be able to tackle Saturdays stage in full


Today we head back to Zagora and so you will see our Spot moving again.

We have now given up on tubes for the rear wheel and now have a mousse fitted.. Another team helped us and fitted it for us. Here’s a couple of pictures of the “process”



Tuareg Rallye Video

No words can describe this awesome rally, but you can get a flavour for it by watching this official event video that includes contributions from our very own TR3OC Team Tuareg led by John Young!

And some further viewing as the action kicks off on Day 1

There are daily updates and more details as events unfold on the TR3OC Facebook page.  Be warned, it is addictive!


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Follow the TR3OC Tuareg Team

John Young and his team are on their way!  You can follow their progress here https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=fdb756c98092c0b29.  John doesn’t hang about as he eats up the miles so be sure to check progress regularly.